Dr Alain Wong has relocated nearby to G04, 272 Barkly St Brunswick.

We are excited to introduce our brand new clinic BARKLY DENTALWORKS.

You can still contact us on 03 9347 5699 or via email at info@barklydentalworks.com.au. We invite you to visit us at the new location and our new website by clicking below:

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Invisalign, Braces & Orthodontics

Orthodontics can correct crooked, misaligned teeth and discrepancies in your bite, leaving you with straight, beautiful teeth. Cleaning becomes easier and more effective, reducing the risk of gum flare ups and tooth decay.

Clear Aligners such as Invisalign are an attractive alternative for those who do not want traditional braces. They are discrete and almost invisible. A series of clear trays are worn over a period of time. Each tray moves the teeth slightly until the teeth reach their final, desired positions.

In addition to Invisalign and Clear Aligners, we also offer traditional braces to straighten your teeth. These are an effective way to align your teeth, and payment plans are available to spread the cost over the course of treatment.